New Products and Recommendations

(C534) DP-Pre milling cutterhead "Konstantin® PRO"

(C287-1) DP-Top Layer Milling Cutter Konstantin®

(C863-1) DP- Shank Grooving Cutter Finishing Z3

(C863-2) DP- Shank Grooving Cutter Roughing Z3

(C863-3) DP- Shank Grooving Cutter Roughing/Finishing Z3

(C690) Casement-Windows-EV41 MAN

(C560-2) DP-Rounding-/Edge Trimming Cutter Konstantin®-Mini for KAM

(C249) DP-Shank-Grooving-Cutter "Konstantin®-Mini-Finish" Z2+2


The revolutionary innovation: Konstantin® PRO

The first DIA milling head system that remains diameter-constant even after sharpening!

Our innovation "Konstantin® PRO" stands for the new jointing cutter system with DIA interchangeable cutting knife. The jointing cutterhead is suitable for ...

New brochure for milling cutters for nonwood materials

The different types of milling cutters for nonwood and recyclable materials summarised in one flyer

The processing of nonwood materials requires specialised tools. This brochure summarises and describes these special tools in detail, including the dimensions ...

New leaflet radius and ball nose end mills

The different radius and ball nose end mills summarized in one flyer

Our radius milling cutter family is constantly expanding, up to now five different types are available for almost all applications on modern CNC machines. Whether equipped ...

Tools from Aigner


Tools from AIGNER are, for the most part, custom-made but a comprehensive tool catalogue also offers a wide selection for people working with wood and plastic. The flexibility of our company allows the shortest of delevery times with the highest level of quality.


Aigner Werkzeuge is an efficient, innovative and customer-oriented manufacturing and service provision company with more than 80 highly skilled employees. Already since 1975, AIGNER has been producing high-quality and cost-efficient precision milling tools for the machining of wood and plastic and also providing the associated services..


Since 1975 high-quality and cost-efficient precision milling tools for the machining of wood and plastic have been produced in Taufkirchen an der Trattnach in Upper Austria. Our success story…



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