(C998-1) Presentation case "Konstantin®-Mini-Finish"

Tool Type: MEC-tools Tools with shank KONSTANTIN® DP tools

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  • Shank grooving cutter with replaceable DP cutters
  • In a robust plastic case with matching foam inlay


  • Grooving, jointing, rebating, sizing (cutting off)

Workpiece Material:

  • Panel materials: especially melamine-coated
    and veneered particleboard, MDF, multiplex and plywoods


  • CNC machining centres

Scope of Supply:

  • Plastic case with matching foam inlay
  • 1 piece C248-1845820R
    DP-shank grooving cutter "Konstantin-Mini-Finish" - RL
    D18 x NL45.8 x S20h6/GL110, Z1x6+1Q
  • 1 piece C249-2045825R
    DP-shank grooving cutter "Konstantin-Mini-Finish" - RL
    D20 x NL45.8 x S25h6/GL110, Z2x6+1Q
  • 1 piece C986-FT1810 torque wrench 1.8 Nm

Special Features:

  • Diameter-constant shank grooving cutters
  • Cutters replaceable on site
  • Suitable for 5-axis machining centres that have no
    possibility for radius correction when "line milling"
  • Very good chip removal
  • For increased demands on the milling quality for melamine
    and HPL coated board materials
  • For layer and ply materials with a tendency to tear out
  • Three different cutter types are mounted
    for best cutting quality

Additional Information:

  • A torque wrench is recommended when changing the
    cutters (see C986-FT1810)

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