(C145) PM-T-slot for planer heads

Tool Type: MEC-tools Tools with bore Profile knife tools

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O R7-R10 F45
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U R7-R10 F45


  • Tool body in steel
  • TC profile cutters


  • T-slot profile inserts for planing heads for the
    rounding or chamfering of soft and hard woods

Workpiece Material:

  • Solid wood


  • Planing and moulding machines

Scope of Supply:

  • Tool body incl. profile cutter F45 pre-assembled
    If another cutter is to be fitted it must be
    stated at the time of ordering
    The possible profile cutters can
    be seen of the following page
  • 1 key with handle Torx T15
  • 1 key with handle Allen key SW3

Special Features:

  • With only 1 tool body all
    5 different profiles are possible by
    changing the profile cutter
  • All inserts fit in the same milled T-
    slot, and are, therefore,
    exchangeable and combinable as

Additional Information:

  • Can be used in planing cutter
    head C600 with suitable
    T-slot milling
  • For use with a steel tool body only

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