(C620-3) DP-Jointing cutterhead "Konstantin" MAN

Tool Type: MAN-tools Tools with bore KONSTANTIN® DP tools

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  • Tool body in light alloy
  • Cutting elements fitted with DP (DIA)
  • Joint cutter with replaceable DP cutters
  • Drawing cut
  • Resharpenable two to three times


  • For jointing of the narrow side of panel materials

Workpiece Material:

  • Panel materials


  • Spindle moulders

Scope of Supply:

  • Tool body incl. DP cutters
  • Key with handle Torx T25

Special Features:

  • Constant diameter with change of elements
    with the same height of cutting edges
  • Because of the high precision of repetition at
    knife change, it can be executed also at home
  • For increase of tool life the elements of knives can
    also be exchanged singularly each other
  • Cutter elements can be sharpened not only without
    the tool body but also in the tool body

Additional Information:

  • A torque wrench is recommended when changing the cutters (see C986-D315)

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